Local Transportation

Porto is served by a new network of light rail (metro) and a comprehensive bus network, each with its own ticketing system.

However, the ANDANTE is the ticket that allows you to travel in Metro do Porto, as well as in the bus network (STCP). ANDANTE tickets can be purchased in every ANDANTE shop, as well as on the machines in Metro stops. When you buy a ticket (the blue ANDANTE ticket at a cost of 0.50 Euro), you need to buy a number of ‘titles’ (journeys), for a certain number of zones. Upon purchase of a ticket with 10 titles, you will be offered another title. A single journey in zone 2 (covering the city centre) costs 1,20 Euro. This is paper ticket that is rechargeable with any kind of travel title. One ticket per person is required which can only contain one type of title (it cannot have a Z2 title and also a Z3 title). When travelling with this ticket you must pay attention to the zone where your journey begins (the zone where you validate you ticket, i.e. where you touch it at the beggining of your journey) and the zone where it ends. For example, with a Z2 title you can travel between the zone where you made your validation and the zones attached to that initial zone; with a Z3 title you can travel between the zone where you made your validation, the zones attached to that initial zone and the zones attached to these latter zones; and so forth. Each Metro stop is equipped with a map that allows you to calculate the number of zones.

Andante Tour Ticket

The Tour Ticket is also a regular title, non-rechargeable, suitable for visitors to Porto. These titles give access to the whole ANDANTE network (Metro and bus) and allow you to travel as many times as you like. You only need to choose the number of days you wish travel.

  • Andante Tour 1 (7.00 Euro): Valid for 24 hours after the first validation.
  • Andante Tour 3 (15 Euro): Valid for 72 hours after the first validation.

ANDANTE TOUR tickets can be purchased at ANDANTE shops, STCP and CP Porto sale spots. This ticket it is non-rechargeable.

Info: http://www.metrodoporto.pt/

Bus Network and Points of Interest