Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto - OCS, 15th INTERNATIONAL ISKO CONFERENCE

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Mario Barité, Mirtha Rauch, Ana Inés Brozia, Micaela Morales

Last modified: 2017-12-19


If we analyze the historical development of KO terminology, we can see that at an initial stage, while the concepts began to take shape in literature, they were first recorded in the prefaces of classification systems, in some canonical texts and in the groundbreaking dictionaries of LIS. The terminological flow got settled and increased to a great extent towards the middle of the twentieth century due to the development of thesauri, the publication of the first standards, the increasing number of journals and the regular production of specialized dictionaries on LIS. More recently, a classification scheme, a digital encyclopaedia and three dictionaries of KO were published. In this paper we propose a method based on literary warrant to identify, date, classify and place KO terminology in such a way that the product works as an area map. Methodology will be followed: 1. Selection of a corpus of reference works compiling the terminology of KO. 2. Extraction of terms. 3. Products: a list of all the terms recorded; dating of the terms, year of coining and the coiner; and a table of matching terms found in the sources. The main results which will arise from the work on a random sample of twenty terms are submitted in advance in this paper. It can be anticipated, as a conclusion, that the kind of systematization proposed is based upon the idea that sciences require a certain uniformity of criteria and the reduction to a minimum of the liability of their classifications to facilitate a greater consensus among specialists.