Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto - OCS, 15th INTERNATIONAL ISKO CONFERENCE

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José Antonio Moreiro-González, Virginia Ortiz-Repiso

Last modified: 2018-02-01


Scientific production analysis of the Spanish institutions regarding knowledge organization systems and semantic vocabularies. The sources of data are papers and communications indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus during the years 2000-2017. The methodology has sought, in the case of the works published in WoS, first the subjects and temporary limitations of the retrieval. The subjects were limited to the terms KOS and each of the types of vocabularies recognized in ISO 25964-1. 2011.  hen, the search was limited, for the documentary type, only to articles and communications, as well as for the geographical space belonging to the institutions, Spain. It was further refined by requiring the presence of the search terms in the title, keywords or abstracts of the analyzed references. In the case of Scopus, the search categories are different and a relevant retrieval has become more difficult. It forced to operate in a more indirect and less pertinent way, arriving to pose individualized searches by the authors obtained previously in the search in WoS, eliminating those results that appeared in magazines not listed. The results are shown in tables whose comments reflect the institutional, personal and thematic characteristics of selected journals and conference papers, first by comparison with their international context, then from their internal profiles. The results are presented both by the different vocabularies and KOS that have served the selected records, as well as by the academic sectors and productive activity to whose application attended. The most notable trend is marked by the opening of the KOS to engage in information and business management of very dynamic lines of activity such as online reputation, energy efficiency, e-commerce, business accounting, finance and banking, organic agriculture even industrial innovation.

Along with the opening to intervention in the management of complex academic and work processes such as learning resources, identification and ordering of people and medical images or clinical records, reaching the requirements of job offers or the indicators of women's health, people emotions and so on. Finally, the paper identifies all the bibliography selected in the retrieval.