Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto - OCS, 15th INTERNATIONAL ISKO CONFERENCE

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Rosario Arquero-Avilés, Gonzalo Marco-Cuenca, Alicia Arias-Coello, Brenda Siso-Calvo, Silvia Cobo-Serrano, Carmen Soler-Vaquer

Last modified: 2017-12-18



A description is given of a classroom innovation project proposing the development of a pilot gamification experience in subjects related to the scope of management for information and documentation units.

The following specific objectives are indicated for the project:

  • Application of gameplay scenarios in the context of the classroom for the creation of a game-like experience.
  • Application of gamification techniques to develop knowledge and improve practical learning, motivation and academic performance of our students with respect to their skillsets for the management and planning of information and documentation units.
  • Design of gamification proposals related to challenges in the real/professional world and to the students’ core interests about the subject areas mentioned.
  • Fostering teamwork, participation, interaction and mutual enrichment of the various participants in the experience.

Brief description:

The project responds to the goal of developing an educational innovation experience offering support and assistance for structuring strategies based on gaming as an educational tool in order to increase motivation among the intended recipients of the project and as a system for the development of knowledge in the classroom.

It is a pilot experience supported by active teaching-learning methodologies and strategies applied to subjects related to the management and planning of information and documentation units, but this could be exportable to other subjects/areas and/or to other additional scenarios.

The planning of an innovation project in the classroom has been based, from the methodological perspective, on the formulation of the following phases:

An initial phase known as “Proposal and selection”, in which an initial identification is made of the gaming strategies and dynamics related to the skillsets for managing and  planning information and documentation units, as well as a selection of the gaming strategies and dynamics to be developed.

A second phase of “Planning, design and development of gaming strategies and dynamics” covers the design of gaming strategies and dynamics selected in the previous phase, their scheduling and their implementation and application in the classroom.

Thirdly, we have formulated the “Documentation of gaming dynamics phase”, including the recording and registration of the gaming strategies and dynamics, the generation of a directory of standard records for each one, the publication of the documentation generated and, finally, the recording, analysis and storage of the documentation resulting from the whole design and implementation of the gaming strategies and dynamics.

Lastly, a final phase of  “Analysis and dissemination of the project’s outcomes”, including the analysis of the pilot experience and the lessons learnt, as well as the drafting of a final report and the presentation of the results at specialized events.