Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto - OCS, 15th INTERNATIONAL ISKO CONFERENCE

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António José de Bastos Leite, Francisco Carlos Paletta, Maria Fernanda da Silva Martins, Teresa Silveira

Last modified: 2018-02-21


Understanding how should be organized knowledge requires from information & library science embracing Brain Sciences as a full partner. That brings a new perspective from information behavior; on the basis of that behavior should be reading skills, memory, and thinking. This is not a replacement in the previous focus – the whole process that beforehand leads to the information action – is an adding, a contribution that will help information professionals to be more effective in the development products, services, and systems of knowledge.

Currently, the reading behavior of “Digital Natives” versus “Digital Immigrants” have been objected of attention of several areas of knowledge, such as Sociology, Psycho sociology, and Information Science. Brain Sciences, together with Imaging, have also approached the problem of reading, connecting it with memory and thinking. Reading is the basis to understand information behavior and all need to be understood as the basis of the future strategies to develop products, services, and system of knowledge.  This research deals both with Reading and Information Science, as well as with Neuroscience, with Neuroimaging and Cognitive Psychology.